Images of several dozen  Hamas terrorists surrendering in Gaza are spread across the internet.

Israeli media reported on Thursday that a video of Magic and Hamas terrorists surrendering and being arrested by the Israel Defense Forces was circulating online.

The reports come as the Jewish festival of Hanukkah begins in Israel.

A video showing dozens of people arrested lining the streets wearing only their underwear has sparked discussion on platforms including X, formerly known as Twitter and Instagram.

Where were these pictures taken?

It was unclear where in Gaza the photos were taken, but they show armed IDF soldiers waiting with detainees, their heads bowed, on a rubble-strewn sidewalk in front of a damaged building.

“Thank you Hashem for starting Hanukkah with a smile on the Jewish people’s face, and thank you for the massive surrender of Hamas terrorists in Gaza,” Jewish activist Hillel Fuld wrote on X. “This should be one of many events The first!” Thank you, IDF! “

IDF troops surround Khan Younis as Hamas holds on to Gaza on December 7, 2023 (Source: IDF Spokesperson Unit)
Aviva Klopas, former director of speechwriting at the Israeli mission to the United Nations and co-founder of Boundless Israel, described it on the website as a “mass surrender of Hamas terrorists.”

Another image posted by Israeli outlet Maariv showed prisoners crowded into the back of an IDF vehicle, also naked and with their hands apparently tied behind their backs.

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