Judge threatens to eject Trump after he allegedly made disparaging comments within earshot of the jury.

 Trump's right to attend trial is acknowledged but could be revoked due to his behavior.

E. Jean Carroll Accuses Trump of Sexual Assault Nearly 30 Years Ago

Trial Aims to Determine Damages Trump Owes Carroll for Publicly Denying Allegation

Federal Jury Found Trump Liable for Sexual Assault and Defamation in May

Carroll Claims Trump's Attacks Led to Avalanche of Abuse and Threats, Damaging Her Reputation

 Carroll's Lawyer Complains Trump's Comments Could Impact Fairness of Trial

 Trump Continues Attacks on Carroll on Social Media, Portraying Her as Attention-Seeker

 Trial Focused on Determining Damages from Trump's 2019 Statements, Not Revisiting Assault

Trump's Defense Argues Carroll Seeks Payment for Self-Imposed Risks and Thrives on Attention