Former President Donald Trump, his sons and senior Trump Organization executives are facing trial in a $250 million civil lawsuit.

Accused of participating in a decades-long scheme to fraudulently inflate Trump's net worth to obtain better loan terms.

The judge ruled that Trump submitted a "fraudulent assessment," and a trial will follow to determine further actions and possible penalties.

Trump's defense rested its case and filed a fifth motion to end the trial, citing disputes and disagreements with the state.

New York Attorney General Letitia James attended the conclusion of Trump's defense trial.

The state has highlighted unconvincing past testimony from defense accounting experts and questioned its credibility.

Trump refused to testify, citing a limited gag order, claiming it violated his constitutional rights.

Trump's lawyers accused the state of withholding witnesses, sparking controversy over the state's rebuttal of witnesses.

Trump canceled his testimony, citing experts, disclaimers and the judge's alleged bias.

Accounting expert Eli Bartov will resume testimony after Trump's statement and face a longer-than-expected direct hearing.