Nikki Haley is gaining momentum in the Republican presidential primary and becoming a prominent candidate.

Sen. Tim Scott left office after the third debate, leaving conservative voters to consider Haley's candidacy.

The Haley campaign has released its first television ad highlighting calls for new conservative leadership.

Haley is gaining support from Koch's political network, boosting her standing among Republicans.

National polls show Haley finishing second in early states, attracting anti-Trump Republicans.

Ron DeSantis, once considered Trump's main rival, is now backing Haley's candidacy, making the debate even more exciting.

DeSantis is focused on his record of challenging Democrats and engaging in the culture wars in Florida.

Biotech engineer Vivek Ramaswamy continues to display arrogance despite his dip in poll numbers.

Ramaswamy has given Iowans more resources, criticized the Republican establishment and called for change.

Chris Christie hopes to boost the debate and position the election as a referendum on Trump's nomination.